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Introduction to Ten Pin Bowling

If you have played bowling, especially in bowling centers, most probably you are playing the ten pin variant of bowling. True, bowling almost always refer to the ten pin but ten pin is only one of the many variations bowling is played. There are many variants, actually, like the nine pin, the five pin, candlepin but ten pin bowling is by far the widely played bowling variant.

As the name suggests, ten pin bowling is played using ten pins and knocking these down by the use of balls rolled along a lane. The object is to knock down as many pins possible with the least number of throws. Every bowler is allowed ten frames or turns, with each frame composed of two rolls. If a player manages to knock down a complete set, it is called a strike. But when there are still remaining pins, those that are knocked down are counted and removed.

Then the player has another opportunity to roll a second ball and if he manages to knock all remaining pins then it is called a spare. This process continues until everyone has completed their turns in the frame. After which the game proceeds to the next frame. Bonus points are awarded in case of a strike or a spare.

The pins are arranged in an equilateral triangle, the back row has four pins, the next one has three, and the next has two and the last row (front of the lane, also called the head pin) consist only of one pin aligned at the center. The pins have numberings to ease the references of pins, starting with the single pin in front as one, and ends at ten at the back and rightmost pin. With today’s technology, the pins are automatically set by the machine, unlike before with the usage of ‘pin boys’.

The playing area of ten pin bowling is a straight and narrow surface, known as the lane. Made of usually wooden boards or synthetic material made to look like wooden boards, the ten-pin bowling lane is standard 18.28 meters from the first pin to the foul line. Fifteen feet from the foul line are guide arrows pointing towards the pins and two sets of approach dots are located about 12 ft from the foul line, and another 15 ft for the second set of approach dots.

A Dummy Tips for Bowling

I never get tired of giving tips. Maybe because I always see groups of newbie fumbling over the next lane, too insufferable that watching them utterly breaks my concentration. I’m no expert myself, having played a couple of games for some time. But watching those poor oafs gave me enough motivation to share some secrets other seasoned players loathe to share. At least, any newbie who may read this page might gain enough information not to look ridiculous during a game. And who knows, he might be playing next to my lane.

Tips for bowling – Grips
Let’s start with grips. Bowling balls have a standard 3 holes. One hole is slightly apart from the other two which are spaced nearer. The two holes are for your ring and middle finger and the single hole for your thumb. So grip your ball (it helps while you read this you have a bowling ball in hand), the thumb goes all the way through the hole and the fingers goes until the second knuckle (finger knuckle). The rest of the fingers extend comfortably over the ball surface. Look at how you hold the ball. Does it resemble the way other bowlers on the center grip the ball?

Tips for bowling – Form

Forms define approach and release. Bad forms results in bad delivery and awkward releases. Ok, start with the proper gripping. Choose your starting distance. Refer to the double rows of dots some distance from the foul line. Use this to measure your approach; ultimately you want your final step to end within a foot from the foul line to optimize your throws. Now stand up straight. Wherever your grip is, the other hand is used to support the ball. If you’re going straight, put your support at the top of the ball. If you’re going for a hook, have your support at the side slightly tilting the ball.

For more reference on how to make a hook bowling ball, look for my article entitled ‘How to Perform a Hook Bowling Ball’. The proper starting form would be: stand straight, feet together pointing forward, knees bent very slightly, bowling arm elbow kept close to the hip and the wrist gripping the ball firm and in a ready delivery. If you are ready, begin your approach. It really helps if you have kept a close eye on how other players start their approach. Don’t rush it; take your time to adjust your timing. Keep in mind, approach and release.

Tips for bowling – Swing
The trickiest part is the swing; also the defining factor between noobs and skilled bowlers. As you start the approach, try to mentally set a four step approach. That way, you can anticipate where you will end. As you begin the steps, swing your gripping arm backwards slowly. Do the backward swing in the junction of your three steps. On the fourth step, begin your release.

The fourth step is done effectively with a slide, leg bent low and your other leg left behind stretched from the last step. As you complete the sliding fourth step, swing your gripping arm towards your target, stooping slightly to release and roll the ball. I cannot stress this enough: always observe the other players do the forms, you will gain enough information on how to execute yours.

For more information about bowling and how to improve your play, check out my other articles.

Bowling Supplies

Every game needs a specific set of equipment in order to be competent. I have yet to see a professional player without his own set of bowling supplies. It doesn’t add to the stature as one may oppose but having a proper mind set on the game is always invaluable to your performance on the lane. And having your own supplies do contribute strongly to you mindset.

A number of my friends a while back had started going with me to my regular bowling sessions and soon enough the game hooked them. So when I noticed them visiting the local bowling centers quite regularly, I advised them to have their own bowling supplies so that they can move towards the next step to becoming a decent player.

Bowling is perhaps one of those games that require so much equipment but the most critical of the bowling supplies are in fact few.

Bowling Ball

This is your main weapon, your ace and your bat. Of all the bowling supplies, this comes first. Why? Choosing the right ball can compensate your weakness; plastic or polyester balls for accuracy and reactive balls for stronger hooks. Likewise there are balls that do perform better in certain conditions.

Bowling Shoes

Bowling shoes are built for one effect -sliding. If you have an idea on how to perform a correct ball delivery, you can appreciate the effect of a sliding shoe. One shoe sole afford the essential slide, and the other gives the brake.

These are the core item every serious bowler should have. Without these, performance could be severely degraded. The next list features the secondary bowling supplies bowlers should consider obtaining.

Bowling Bags

Every bowler’s handy organizer. The fact that it has compartments intended for bowling ball should claim importance. Quite logical, too, to keep your bowling supplies in a bowling bag since it specifically made to accommodate every bowler’s items such as bowling shoes and bowling ball compartment, a feature that lacks in ordinary bags.


Towels have a handful of uses: to clean bowling balls and to clean hands, to clean the floor and to wipe away perspiration. No one objects the importance of towels. Just remember to bring several for each use.

I could go on prattling about bowling supplies, but it only goes with the adage: if you think you’re going to need it, then bring it. A powder, extra shoelaces, a shoe brush to clean shoe soles, hand conditioner, rosin, sole pads and slugs or inserts, or even fingernail clippers. Just bring it for it to be when the time of need arises.

Bowling History

Bowling history may be as old as the earliest civilizations along the Nile, yet the sport has still attracted multitudes of young and old to deliver a ball down the alley for a strike.
The game of bowling can be traced back to the ancient Egypt. When Sir Flinders Petrie, a British Anthropologist, discovered a child’s burial place in Egypt, he also uncovered remains of toys which studies revealed to be a game very much similar to bowling. The artifacts had dated at least 7000 years into the past, showing considerable evidence that earlier civilizations had enjoyed a sort of bowling-like sport.

Perhaps the strongest candidate for the bowling history was the German culture. In ancient Germany, peasants declare themselves free of sin by sticking a wooden club called Kegel into the earth. Then the peasant would try to knock the Kegel down by rolling a stone. And if he succeeds in knocking the Kegel, he is considered as free of sin. This had been a secular practice but eventually it moved out of the church to become a sport that the common German people enjoyed.

Martin Luther standardized the game with nine pins and called it Kegel. A wooden ball has replaced the stone and multiple pins were used to replace the Kegel. From Germany, the game spread over the neighboring countries. And from outdoors, the sport also had moved indoors, into taverns and inns and specifically made sheds with lanes of wood or sun baked clay. There had been variations of the game as well, like the French Petanque, the British Lawn Bowling, and the Italian Bocce.

Bowling was widespread during the renaissance in the old world. Bowling greens have appeared on wealthy European aristocrats. Bowling shoes and attire are displayed in the public and ladies are modeled wearing bowling attire. At some time, the English king Edward allegedly outlawed the game because his troops were more interested in bowling than the archery practice.

During the days of colonization, bowling made it to the New World by European immigrants. Bowling of that time became so widespread in taverns and inns, so naturally, taverns and inns in the New World would also host bowling alleys. It was believed that the Dutch immigrants were mostly responsible for the propagation of bowling in the US, especially the nine-pin setting.

As America gained independence, bowling also became one of the dominant games in the US. Bowling alleys have sprung up in crowded cities, until it became a focal point in crime, gambling and extortion. Eventually, the nine-pin games of bowling were banned; to get around the law, the ten-pin bowling was invented and bowling continued to thrive.

The American Bowling Congress (ABC) was formed in 1895, a national federation of bowling clubs. Under its leadership, bowling continued its popularity. With the advent of the automatic pin-setting machine, bowling further pick up its fame. Today, the ABC estimated there are 50 million bowlers nationwide. Bowling history has its roots from the ancient civilization but the branches had reached out clearly into our era.

Choosing the right Bowling Ball

Most bowling enthusiasts agree on one thing: if you’re into bowling seriously, go get yourself a ball. I don’t know what the effect that would have on you, but I always love to have my own ball with me every game. And by the way, bowling balls are still available if you play at any bowling centers, but nothing beats your own ball in hand. After using your bowling ball for some time, the familiarity of the ball will start to sink in, like what it is capable of and what it isn’t, the weight of the ball and how it will hook in the lane.

Bowling balls are always a hot topic. Not only novices but also advanced players every now and then go out of the way to buy a bowling ball. Why? Specific purpose. Not only bowling balls avail to suit a playing style, some bowling balls are best suited for specific conditions such as dry lanes. Reactive balls afford more hooks than a plastic ball, but with a much too dry lane, a hook could lead the ball straight instead to the gutter.

Given that balls can get real expensive and it is quite tricky in selecting the right ball, a good choice must be made. If you’re not careful, the ball may end up unused in the attic for a long time, and that would be nasty.

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Bowling Shirts Paired with Comfortable Pants You are Good to Go

The sport of bowling has been around many years and up to the present this game is becoming more and more popular as anyone of any age so long as you can carry the weight of the bowling ball can participate in this game. Bowling has been one of the favorite sports of the young people today.

Bowling as sometimes called tenpins requires only two pieces of gears and these are bowling ball and bowling shoes. Bowling shoes and bowling balls are both helpful with regards to your performance in playing this game. Like any other sports there usually an appropriate outfits to wear. Take for example the basketball, the uniform are shorts and sleeveless jersey. As for bowling, there is also an appropriate shirt for the bowling players and these shirts are called bowling shirts.

The bowling shirts come in different styles, colors, and fabrics. There are classic bowling shirts, retro bowling shirts, and there are also bowling shirts which are suited for bowling champions. A bowling shirt is usually styled in contrasting collars, piping leaves, pockets, contrasting buttons, and back pleats. Some bowling shirts have additional features like; button-up front with matching buttons and two front pockets.

The different fabrics with which bowling shirts are made of are poly/cotton, 100 % silk, and rayon/polyester. These shirts are very comfy to wear, durable yet light weight that makes it easy to care. The shirts made from rayon/polyester materials, though, are a little heavier but still very comfortable to wear. The lounge master, swing master, and imperial line style of bowling shirts have contrasting color vertical panel, same color with the collar. The classic and retro shirts, however, don’t have this contrasting color vertical panel design but all the bowling shirts have contrasting color collar and button-up fronts. Back printed shirts are also available to add some style.

These are a number of online shopping sport stores that sell bowling shirts. The online shopping stores have a wide range of styles, designs, materials, colors, and sizes to choose from. We’re through finding out the best shirt to wear in playing bowling, now pair it with comfortable pants and you are ready to go. Just don’t forget to bring your most important gears; the bowling shoes and bowling ball. But, don’t’ worry if you don’t have these gears, you can always rent them in any bowling centers you want to go to.

Whether you are a professional or an amateur bowler, wear comfortable outfit if you want to give out your best performance in playing your favorite sport-bowling.

Complete Your Bowler look by Wearing Bowling Shirt

Every time I see someone wearing a shirt with contrasting collar, button-up front, and back pleats, I say to myself “he is a bowler”. Do you want to know why? It is because a bowling shirt has the same exact style. Have you noticed the shirt that Charlie Sheen usually wears in his television series “Two and a half Men”? That is exactly what a bowling shirt looks like.

Most real player of bowling wears bowling shirt. This shirt is made from different fabrics like poly/cotton, 100% cotton, rayon polyester, etc. It also comes in different sizes, colors, designs, and style. The different kinds of sport shirts are retro and classic bowling shirts, imperial line, master swing, and many others. The retro-style shirts have 1950’s inspired design with a modern touch. The imperial, on the other hand, is made from 100 % cotton. By the way, all these kind of shirts may or may not have prints. There are prints on the back, front, or on both sides, especially the customized ones in which their shirts have printed or hand-chainstitched logo. The logos can be a company or a team logo. Common style of these shirts have contrasting collar, button-up front, pocket in front (optional), and back pleats.

Bowling shirts should be comfortable to wear yet durable. It is best that you feel comfortable with what you wear in playing bowling so that you will not be distracted by discomfort while playing game because bowling requires concentration and coordination in order to win the game. Bowling shirts paired with comfortable jeans, and then you are ready to show what you got. This is just the right outfit for you. It is also important to choose the right fit for your shirt; it should be light- weight, not too loose, and not too tight.

If you are an amateur or professional bowler, you should have a bowling shirt. If you want to personalize you bowling shirt, it is possible. On-line stores have a wide variety of designs and styles for you to choose from. You can check out at any bowling related websites and you can find many choices of bowling shirts in different designs and colors. And if you are the type of person who prefers fitting an outfit to know exactly the right size and the right color (like me), you can always check out your local sports retail stores for your bowling shirt.

For you to be easily labeled as a bowler, wearing a comfortable bowling shirt will do. By doing so, each time you go bowling, you will be recognized as one right away. And besides, that should be the right outfit for you for better performance.

Trivia What do you know about Bowling Pins

Bowling pins are the targets in a game bowling. If you don’t know that, well, welcome to Earth.

For the sake of complete information, bowling is a game in which players attempt to score points by rolling a ball along a flat surface called a lane to knock down objects called bowling pins. The least the throw it takes to knock the balls down, the bigger the score. The player with the highest total score wins. Simple enough? Good, because we’ll chat about the bowling pins.

The American Bowling Congress (ABC) is the one responsible for controlling bowling pins specification. There are tight tolerances placed upon every bowling pin to ensure that every bowling pin in the game of bowling is standard.

As we all know, there are various ways to play bowling, but only those indoor types of bowling employ the use of pins and lanes. To enumerate, these are the ten-pin, nine-pin, five-pin, duckpin and candlepin bowling. All the pins used are roughly of the same shape, a flower vase-like shape with a rounded head, except for candlepin bowling which has, as the name implies candle shaped pins.

Where did the bowling pin’s shape originate? That is an unlikely question, since most of us saw the pin as it was today. Take a pensive look at the shape of a bowling pin, notice a resemblance? Righto! It resembles the Kegel, an ancient war club of during the dark ages of Germany. Kegel is also the name of the sport that was the forerunners of present day bowling.

Most bowling pins are made with Rock Maple wood, constructed by gluing blocks together to form roughly the shape of a bowling pin. But there had been attempts to make plastic versions of bowling pins. After the wooden blocks are bound together by glue and shaped by the lathe, the product is then coated with plastic material and finally treated with chemicals to produce the glossy finish.

Bring Bowling Machine Into Your Own Home and Experience the Fun

If you like playing bowling but do not like the idea of going to and from the bowling centers, you can put a stop on that worry because the answer to that problem is a bowling machine. You can still have fun and enjoy playing bowling in the luxury of your own place. This can also help you practice whenever you want.

In the sport of Cricket, a bowling is the action of propelling the ball towards the batsman. There is also a bowling machine for cricket. This device enables a batsman to practice when there is no one available to bowl with him, or no one of the desired style or standard. Same thing with bowling or sometimes called tenpins, the bowling machine can help the bowler practice to improve the playing performance.

Online shopping offers a number of bowling machines that come in different sizes, brand new, or used. For tenpins, there are shuffle alley puck bowling machine, and pro striker bowling machine, and many others.

Pro striker bowling machine is an arcade bowling. You can experience the excitement, sound and display. This has real balls and pins, interactive sound and display, fully operator adjustable, and made from plywood. Up to six persons can play on this machine. This type of bowling machine has three sizes available; there are 11, 15, and 19 feet long and because of the size of this machine, it may not pass through a standard doorway.

Shuffle alley puck bowling machine will give you the experience of shuffle alley bowling in your own place. Anyone from all ages can play and have fun from this bowling machine. There are even game variations, from regulation to triple strike. It also uses real pins and bowling ball. This machine features maintenance free proximity switch design, low maintenance pin setting mechanism, flat screen color monitor and on screen scoring, full stereo sound system; bill accepter ready and coin mechanism included, if you plan to use this for business purposes.

Whether you are just into bowling for recreational purposes or trying to improve your playing performance, this bowling machine can help you enjoy the same fun and excitement the bowling centers provide, not to mention the benefit of privacy with which you can take advantage of if you play in your home. As a first-timer, it is expected that your performance is poor during the first few tries but that can be remedied. Through the use of this machine, you can practise all you want until you gain confidence with your playing skills. You now get the whole point of the benefit this machine can give you? I did. So, if I were you, get one now and be able to practice until you’re good at it.

Bowling machine brings the fun to people who love to stay and play bowling at home.

Scoring Mechanics in Bowling Games

Bowling as sometimes called tenpins is an indoor game played on a polished wooden or synthetic floor by teams or individuals. Bowling is very popular in the US and to other countries, as well.

In bowling games, the players or sometimes-called bowlers, roll ball toward ten pins. The pins are usually made from wood or plastic, arranged in triangular formation, with the headpin 60 feet from a foul line. The bowling ball is made from various materials like but not limited to; rubber, plastic, urethanes.

Bowling games consist of ten runs each game, called frames. The bowlers would try to knock down all ten pins. The scores are kept on a sheet or video screen which list the bowler’s names, the frames, the number of pins knocked down with each ball, and the final scores.

During the first nine frames, the bowler rolls one or two balls. If the bowler knocked down all the ten pins with the first throw of ball, the bowler rolled a strike, the best roll possible. An X is recorded on the scoresheet or screen, and then the bowler will receive ten points from the ten pins being knocked down plus a bonus of the number of pins the bowler is going to knock down in the next two bowls. So, the maximum possible score in a strike frame is 30.

But, if there are still pins standing after the first throw of a frame, the bowler takes another shot. By knocking down all the remaining pins, the result is a spare. A slash (/) is recorded on the scoresheet or screen, and the player will receive ten points plus a bonus of the number of pins knocked down with the next throw. The maximum score in a spare frame is 20. The computation is, the spare’s ten points followed by another ten if the next frame is a strike.

If the bowler failed to knock down all the ten pins in both throws, the points with which the bowler will get is only the total number of pins knocked down. If a bowler failed to knock down even one pin, a dash (-) will be recorded on the scoresheet.

Players who rolls spares but strikes during the tenth and last frame will receive bonus. Bowlers who roll a spare will get an extra ball, and the number of pins knocked is added to the score. Bowlers who roll a strike will get two more balls to try and to be added to their earlier scores. The other terminologies in bowling games are turkey, which means three strikes in a row, and a split, which means a wide gap between the remaining pins after a throw.

A player can get a top score of 300 or called a perfect game, by registering a strike in each frame and on the last two extra balls. Perfect bowling games rarely happen. Most of the professional bowlers only average more than 230, and amateurs have a hard time making even 100.

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Bowling Ball Review

Aside from saving money by bringing your bowling ball, shoes and gear with you, why do you need to have your own ball? Because having your own ball is like choosing your own bat in a baseball game, or choosing your own racket in a tennis game. Sure, these things won’t contribute to your skill whatsoever, but knowing how your equipment would react could raise your bowling average even if by a fraction. Okay, let’s do a little bowling ball review and see the specific makes of each ball.

There are four makes of a bowling ball, and each one of them has distinct characteristics which every bowler should understand to be competent in the sport.

Plastic/Polyester Balls

Perhaps the first bowling ball that evolved from stone or wood was the plastic or polyester balls. These balls have no fancy tricks with them, meaning if you throw them in a straight line, they will travel in a straight line. Similarly if you throw them for a hook, they will still tend to travel in a straight line. Novice will find that this ball is a great complement for learning the sport since they are quite manageable, without tricks, and cheap. Likewise, those who have problems with their hook can benefit from the use of a plastic bowling ball.

Urethane Balls

The use of urethane bowling balls first appeared with the AMF Angle in the early ‘80s. These balls have the ability to hook more than the plastic ones giving it a more manageable reaction. These balls are the best next step for the beginners seeking to try a more advanced ball.

Reactive Balls

Reactive balls came into play in 1990. These balls have even more traction than urethane. The ball has a stronger hook, creating a noticeable hook after the skid effect. The ball can be easily identified with its slick smooth cover texture.

Particle Balls

The newest bowling ball technology is the particle type. The texture of this one has changed; it is a bit lumpy allowing the bowling ball to clutch the oily surface of the lane. This ball has the biggest sensitivity to lane conditions, and it tends to minimize the effects of different conditions, e.g., severe dry or high oil conditions.

I hope this bowling ball review has given you some insight about the different makes of a ball. Choose out the best suited to your playing style or choose one of each to suit every situation. You will find that a specific ball is real handy when used for in a specific situation.

AMF Bowling Center in the US

Are you up for a game of bowling but don’t have any inkling where lies the nearest AMF bowling centers nearby? Or are you in a situation wherein you’re given the responsibility of setting up a group event only you don’t know where to start. Now isn’t the time to fret. Be it a simple recreational activity or have a huge party at the lanes, AMF has evolved to meet the queer demands of the populace.

Ah, I sound like an ad, but it’s true. The AMF Bowling Centers in the US has really evolved, from a standard beat down bowling alley to a recreation network filled with possibilities. Bowling parties, group or corporate events, the AMF bowling centers had the packages to meet this demand. I personally think it is a cool idea. Let’s face it: Pool parties, beach parties, house parties and backyard barbeque, it’s a ‘been there, done that’ formula. AMF offers a different setting in the same old fun. Xtreme bowling? Ha! Check this wild new innovation with a couple of friends and see where it will take you from there. As they said it, it’s way cool!

So you are the more than average player looking for a worthy challenge? Or would you rather invest in your skills until you are ready to face some serious competition? Head up to a local AMF bowling center near your vicinity and you will find groups of people who like you would wish to test their mettle against yours. Bowl them into the gutter or bowl yourself out of a gutter, the challenges you will find in the AMF bowling leagues could get you occupied for weeks.

You will meet interesting players while sprucing up your game. Especially if you sign up in an AMF bowling club since you are group together by something you have in common, a passion in books or movie or even fishing.

AMF Bowling Center, Inc has gone a long way since its release of the automatic pinsetter in 1946. And since then, AMF has become a leader in the bowling industry. With AMF bowling centers scattered worldwide, it is impossible to miss AMF for your bowling needs. And oh, if you are living in the US, here’s a link to listings of AMF centers all over the states.

An Introduction to Bowling

Of all the indoor sports, perhaps bowling is the most popular. Surprisingly since the game may be one of the oldest, if not the oldest sport in history. Undeniably, too, bowling is the number one participatory sport in the US.

Bowling is a game of scoring points by knocking down pins with balls. Fundamentally, a player rolls a heavy bowling ball into a flat surface to knock down arranged pins of nine or ten, depending on the game you play. There are several forms of bowling; some are played indoors which usually uses a lane or a long flat polished wood surface with gutters along the length of the lane. Primary examples of these indoor types are the feather bowling, duckpin bowling, candlepin bowling, ninepin skittles, five pin bowling and the most popular form of bowling which is the Ten-pin.

Ten-pin bowling is very similar to the other forms, except the game obviously uses ten pins which the player should attempt to knock down as many pins possible to score points. The game has ten frames with each frame consisting two rolls for each competing player.

Another popular bowling variant is the Five-pin bowling which is often played in Canada. It is a recent modification of Ten-pin bowling but instead of two attempts, Five-pin has three attempts, and each attempt can be thrown in quick succession. The game employs smaller balls without fingerholes, making it difficult to attain a perfect score since splits are more frequent.

The outdoor type usually utilizes a lawn, or a patch of gravel. The examples of which are Lawn Bowling, Bocce, and Petanque. Petanque is widely played in especially in France.

Tracing up bowling’s history, it is widely believed that the German culture was the cradle of this sport. Though there have been substantial evidences of bowling-like games in ancient Egypt, history clearly points that bowling really did occur in Germany since its dark ages. In those days, heathens and heretics abound the land and the usual practice for the German clergy was a simple test of knocking down clubs called Kegel by rolling a stone or a wooden ball. If the individual succeeds in knocking the club down, he is considered free of sin. This practice eventually made its way from the secular world to the common people and along the way got more refined until ultimately became an interesting sport that survived till this day.

Starting a Bowling Alley Business

The bowling business just got even better. With the number of bowlers increasing every year the prospect of the bowling alley business made it even more appealing.

But bowling alley business isn’t that simple. There are many things to be taken into consideration. Like the layout, feasibility, expansion options and such. Every business demand loads of careful planning, and the presence of established companies only made the competitiveness of the market even tougher.

Let’s start summing up the entire.


Are your target college students who like to squander leisure time at lanes? Or after-work professionals who do bowling to relieve stress your target? Or those noisy families that like to spend picnic on the lanes a more interesting target for you? Whatever customer target you would like to attract, feasibility studies will surely point how likely the business plan will succeed.

If you are planning for an expansion later on, it’s a good idea to acquire an ample space and use the extra as additional parking. That way, if ever the land price goes up (an indirect effect of your booming business) you are saved from making a land purchase at a higher rate.

Bowling Alley Lay-out

This is mostly a job of the engineer. Look for someone qualified but, this is important, who also plays bowling. Someone who knows the game have a general idea how a specific layout should be arranged. And he might have a number of interesting ideas of his own. But that doesn’t mean you couldn’t inject yours. It’s your business after all. All in all, look for someone who has a passion for the game, its not needed but it can be of tremendous help.

Ambiance and overall decoration can affect the crowd you are attracting. Hippie atmosphere and loud music attracts younger players. Complement it with arcades and burger stands. Likewise, modern and posh setting attracts the after-work professionals. Compliment it with newspaper stands and cigar and coffee and maybe billiards.

Here are some blueprint samples that may give you some idea. The blueprints are under the heading AMF layout:

Financial Analysis

The estimated expenditures especially on the earlier parts of the business operation. The business has to survive to grow. That means careful planning on cash, bank loans, investors and ads. Income estimates during operation should come from the rates of lanes, shoe rental, snacks, concessionaires, and other game functions you might have, like arcades, children’s playroom and billiards. Likewise, expenditures are expected from staff wages, electricity billing, lane maintenance, machine maintenance, supplies, and other expenses like communication, flyers and subscriptions.

Buy the Best Bowling Shoes Online

Every sport requires some sort of uniform or decorum to be observed. Take basketball, or soccer. I have never seen tournaments of this sport without uniforms. While others have a certain low-key with regards to this aspect, it is never lost. Even in chess, players wear some sort of a uniform to properly distinguish him from a crowd of spectators.

Most bowling centers require players to wear bowling shoes. If the player doesn’t have one, he can rent one on the center. But this is a typical scenario for a casual player. The regular bowlers often have a pair of bowling shoes. Aside from being able to save from rentals, having your own fit is undeniably comfortable, not to mention pretty sexy too, since you won’t have to wear those size 14 shoes that you have mistaken for a boat.

The most important factor for bowling shoes is the slide effect. As you approach the lane for a delivery, you need to slide with the opposite foot, and rubber soled shoes like sneakers will not slide.

If you haven’t bought a pair of bowling shoes before, you might be a little lost. For starters, you should consider how often you play. Casual players may be better off using rented shoes. But if you are more of a regular bowler, then you should consider what type of shoe you need.

Buying Your Shoe

There are two types of bowling shoes, Athletic and Performance. Athletic shoes are recommended for novice players because they have a sliding sole on both shoes. Performance shoe on the other hand, has the sliding effect on one shoe and the braking effect on the other, which shoe has which would depend on right/left handedness. So if you are a competitive bowler who likes to change patterns with every game, you will probably want a shoe that has interchangeable sole pads to match a style and the surface condition you are bowling in.

Bowling Gifts for Bowling Enthusiasts

Are you a bowling enthusiast? Or have special people in your life who love bowling? See for yourself how bowling accessories will surely lighten up the face when you give them their favorite bowling accessories.

Bowling gifts that are available in the market today have interesting choices and affordable. The wide range of choices makes it easier for you to choose what the best are and suited to the person you are giving them to.

Online bowling gift shops categorize their bowling gifts with which they offer. There are gift certificates in a standard gift package, and then there’s email gift certificate. In standard gift package, this certificate is sent through mail in a gift package. The package can be arranged to be sent directly to the recipient’s address or to yours so that you can give the gift to yourself personally. As for the email gift certificate, this certificate is sent to the recipient through email immediately upon purchase. The online shop will then send the gift certificate to the recipient with an easy to use redemption code to the person you are giving the gift to. Make sure to specify the exact email address of the recipient. These are the modern way of giving bowling gifts in this time where internet can do almost anything without sweat.

But if you prefer the conventional way of giving gifts, like you choose and buy the gift, have it wrapped and give the gift personally, that is the best way to do it, I should say. If you give the gift personally, it adds sentiments to the gift; the more moving the moment can be.

Online bowling shops and your local bowling accessories retailer almost have the same merchandise available. The bowling accessories you can choose to give for a gifts are, bowling shirts, ball, shoes, bags, bowling books, and other small bowling gifts and accessories.

If you want to give a bowling shoes make sure that you know the exact size of the person you are giving it to, this applies to bowling shirts, as well. Do not forget also the favorite color of the recipient for this will help you in choosing the right gift. You can add special touch on bowling shirts because you can have them customized; have the name or favorite logo of the recipient printed or hand chain- stitched on the shirt. The small bowling gifts and accessories you can possibly give are bowling gloves, wrist supports, bowler’s tape and bandages, ball cleaners and polishers, towels, and grip sacks. There are also bowling gifts for kids that have cartoon character designs in different colors, like bowling shoes, bags, balls, towels, and many more.

You now have the best bowling gift in mind? I hope this bowling gift guide help you in choosing the right gift for the right person. Give your bowling gift personally as much as possible.

Free Online Bowling Game Are Easy To Install and Fun To Play

Online games are so popular nowadays specially to young adults. Many families own a computer maybe for their children or for personal use. This is why many of our young people today are becoming more and more engrossed in computers. Plus the fact that there are plenty of websites offering free online games like the, where I tried a free online bowling game. These games can be easily downloaded.

Once your chosen game has been downloaded, you are ready to play. Bowling is one of the games that can be played online. Some games are free and some are not. Usually, those games that are not free give out a few days of trial. I wonder how the older professional bowlers think about these online bowling games.

The website, available bowling game online, is free. You can enjoy a full-screen game play on a choice of two realistic 3D rendered alleys. There is a trophy room that stores the high aeries, high game, perfect games, and many more. And because it is 3D, you will find it realistic. This free online bowling game is a tenpin bowling in which you can choose your ball color and weight, control the amount of hook and slice of each throw, 2 realistic alleys with exceptional soundtracks, trophy room, etc. It allows 4 players each game.

All the games have computer system requirements to ensure the capability and compatibility of your system to accept the file or program of the online game. Make sure you meet all the requirements asked to fully enjoy your free online bowling game. The Instructions, which can easily be understood, can be seen on your screen before you play the game. Usually the mouse is being used to move your arms and throw the ball.

You can see from the screenshots that it looks like you’re in a real bowling center. You will get the feeling that you are playing for real. Free online games are programmed to look real with unique soundtracks to make you enjoy each game and to your excitement level up.

If you are so used to playing bowling in the real world, have you ever wonder what it is like to play it online? Well, there is only one way to find out if it is as exciting and fun as the real game is. Go ahead and invite your friends to play the free online bowling game and find out which is more fun to play, is it the real one or the online game. Better try it for yourself!

Reasons why do you have to have Bowling Bags

What the best gear to complement your bowling equipment than a bowling bag. You have your bowling shirt on, you use your own couple of bowling balls, you a have this cool pair of bowling shoes that has the right color to match your eyes. What you need is the bowling bag.

While other bowling paraphernalia helps your performance, some are really used only for attitude or as a mind-setter (go bowling-wear bowling). But setting your mind sometimes has indefinite advantage to your morale which in turn as advantage to your play. So don’t neglect these things. A proper mind-set is sometimes as important as going for a game with full energy.

When you go for work, your pocket organizer tracks things for you. It has everything you need, notes, dates, calculator, voice recorder, internet, and even radio. It’s so useful that everyone has them, even housewives, though the manner of need is somewhat different than of a businessman.

In bowling parlance, your bowling bag is your pocket organizer. It should have everything bowling calls for. Powder, spare shirts, a neatly ironed spare uniform, extra shoelaces and socks, spare change for the vending machine nearby…the list goes on. But why bowling bags when you can use any bag you want. Again, mind-set; nothing can beat mind-set. Motivation and confidence.

Besides, bowling balls have spaces just for bowling balls. You could fit your bowling balls into a duffel bag but hey, we’re talking here about practicality and organizing. Using any bag besides a bowling bag to keep bowling equipment defeats the purpose.

So what would you have on your bag? Aside from your bowling shoes and balls, there could be a lot of things you could consider bringing. A towel, powder, wrist braces if you use one, wrist liners, extra shoelaces, a shoe brush to clean shoe soles, hand conditioner, rosin, sole pads and slugs or inserts, or even fingernail clippers. There’s so much you might need that your bag might not even be enough.

Therefore it is better to use your bowling bag exclusively for your bowling needs. That said, if you decide to go bowling on the spur of a moment, all you have to do is grab your bowling bag and you’re ready to go.

Helpful Bowling Techniques For Beginners

Every sport has its own techniques on how to learn easily the game. As for the sport of bowling, even though it is not that difficult to learn, there are techniques to help the beginners to learn the nature of the game quickly. These bowling techniques are very easy to apply and any beginner can aptly execute in no time.

First you have to know the right bowling ball for you. Choosing the right ball is first on the list of bowling techniques. The sport of bowling requires timing and coordination so it is important that a bowler must select a ball that is easy to handle. The bowling ball should not be too heavy or light, and should feel comfortable and natural on the bowler’s hand. The thumb of the throwing hand should fit into the whole provided for the thumb and rotates with only minor friction. To measure a proper grip, the bowler’s two middle fingers should be stretched over the finger holes.

Most bowlers use a natural and relaxed four-step delivery method; that is taking four steps on the approach aiming the pins, and then gliding while releasing the ball towards the pins. In determining your proper starting position, your feet should stand at the middle of the foul line, facing away from the pins and then take four and a half steps forward. You should then turn and face the pins, memorizing their proportionate position to the target markings. Every time you step up to make a throw, you should start the delivery from the same spot. As you gain experience, lesser adjustments can be made for comfort or preference.

After finding the correct starting position, you should face the pins focus on them, and with the fingers of the throwing hand in the holes, let the weight of the bowling ball rest on the nonthrowing hand somewhere between the shoulder and the waist. For right- handers, the ball should be held slightly the right side or left side for left- handers of the bowler’s body. Most experienced bowlers keep their feet reasonably close together with the left foot slightly forward, and the knees gently curved. This applies to right-handers only.

Throwing a ball using a four-step delivery: These bowling techniques are for right-handers only.

Step one: Move the ball and right foot down and forward in a slow, short movement.

Step two: Keep your arm close to your body, take a step with the left foot and let the ball swing backwards.

Step three: Take a step forward with your right foot as the ball reaches the top of the backswing, the ball should be a little above the waist. Your left arm should be extended for balance.

Step four: Shift your body weight from your right to left foot while bending your left knee and let the ball swing naturally forward. You do not have to do anything more afterwards.

You should glide with your right leg extended back as your right arm lifts the ball over the foul line and releases it toward the pins. After the release, your follow-through should be a continuation of the arc that started with the backswing.

For first-timers, you should concentrate on tossing the ball at the front pin and develop a smooth, and relaxed delivery. The common errors incurred by beginners are overswing, concentrating too much on pinpoint accuracy, and not releasing the ball close to the floor.

From the bowling techniques discussed above, if followed properly, you will greatly improve your bowling performance and with constant practice, you will surely become very good at it.

Monday, October 29, 2007

Design Your Own Custom Bowling Shirts to be Unique

Wearing a bowling shirt will make you feel like a real bowling player, doesn’t it? Of course! You can have that look on your face that would probably mean, don’t mess with me I’m a bowler, and with one eyebrow raised. Having that thought makes me smile because I can relate to myself with a similar scenario. Bowling shirts can be a distinguishing factor for bowlers.

But, are you aware of the different styles and designs of bowling shirts? To those who only have the slightest idea of bowling shirts, I hope I can be of help. We will start with the classic design; these are the typical bowling shirts you probably have seen with contrasting collar, back pleat, button-up front, and without prints. There are retro bowling shirts; these shirts have 1950’s inspired designs with a modern touch. And then, there are custom bowling shirts.

The Custom bowling shirts have prints of your choice on wherever you want them to be put. These prints can be a hand-chainstitched, full- hand sewn, or digitally printed. Custom bowling shirts that are hand-chainstitched are very similar to embroidery and are usually personalized. Your name can be hand-chainstitched on your bowling shirts’ front. Company logos, team, group, or association logos are also catered. Practically any design that you want can be put on your shirt- and it becomes custom bowling shirts.

Then, there’s digital custom bowling shirts. The shirts’ logo or designs are printed digitally. Any design or full image can be printed in color on any of your bowling shirts. It is best if your bowling shirt is white to appreciate the result of the prints on your custom bowling shirts. And as for full-hand-sewn embroidery, the designs are carefully and skillfully done by those who take pride in their craft-art. And since this is full hand-sewn embroidery, it is going to cost big amount of money.

It is easy to own a custom-bowling shirt. There are establishments who cater this kind of job. Also, there are bowling websites that offers customized bowling shirts.

Custom bowling shirts give you the distinctive difference among others. The design more or less serves as your trade mark. The more unique your design the more customized it becomes. If you hang out with friends or team in one of the bowling centers, and you wear custom bowling shirts, you definitely deserve a second glance. You will stand out among other players.

Actually, every team that has customized bowling shirts always stands out among other teams. So, have your own or your team’s bowling shirts customized now and make the difference.

Comfortable Bowling Shoes For Great Performance

The first time I have seen and heard about the sport bowling, I thought that it was easy and no particular gears are needed. It is just recently when I found out that the only two important gears a bowler needs are bowling shoes and bowling ball. Both of these are available for rent in bowling centers. Many bowling centers offer these bowling gears in different sizes. So, you don’t have to worry about the size of your feet for they can take care of that for you.

Bowling shoes have different styles and brands. The bowling shoes are categorized as: men shoes, women shoes, adjustable-sole shoes, kids, shoes, left hand shoes, rental shoes, right hand shoes, and many more. Imagine, there are shoes for left and right- handed bowlers. I didn’t know that. Bowling shoes have special soles that enable bowlers to glide during the approach. I just though comfortable pair of sneakers is appropriate to play bowling but I stand corrected.

Bowling is an indoor game in which players roll balls along a runway called a lane, attempting to knock down ten pins. This game is sometimes called tenpins, and it is one of the popular games in the world.

Like bowling ball, bowling shoes play a vital role in your performance by way of delivering that preferred strike. The bowling shoes should be comfortable and lightweight. The comfort you feel in wearing the right bowling shoes can help you determine the right stance that is very crucial in aiming for a strike. You should know that difference a slight misjudgment of the positioning of your foot.

There are online shopping for any bowling equipment, featuring a wide range of shoes in different brands and styles. I do suggest that you shop your own shoes personally. It is best that you try the shoes before buying them. You have to fit the shoes to know exactly if you feel comfortable wearing them. It makes sense, doesn’t it? You do not want your discomfort affects your performance, do you? There are stores promoting different kinds of shoes, and you can always ask for assistance if you are not sure what the best bowling shoes are.

In bowling, there are only two important gears that bowlers must have. They are bowling ball and bowling shoes. These gears can be bought in any sports shops, or in the Internet for on-line shopping. These bowling shoes and bowling balls are available for rent in all of the bowling centers. Shoes come in different sizes and brands, and style but in bowling centers, they only provide the same brand or style for bowling shoes. But, don’t worry they are all made exclusively for playing bowling purposes only.

Bowling Games

Most people know bowling. Everyone has played the sport or had seen one. But what people don’t know perhaps is there are several versions of bowling games, each of them equally entertaining in their own right.

To categorize the existing bowling games, it falls under two types. Knock-down types includes ten-pin, nine-pin and five-pin, which the main game objective is knocking down a number of pins in a least number of rolls. Target types involve determining a target and getting a ball as close to the target by either throwing or rolling the ball.

Of the bowling games variants, there are several, and they are:

The Ten-pin
Ten-pin is the most played bowling variant around the world. An estimate of 100 million people plays bowling which is the highest estimate for any sport except soccer, and a majority 80% plays exclusively ten-pins. In fact, corporate entrepreneurs like the AMF Bowling made colossal profits when they introduced the fully automatic pinsetter to the gaming public. As the name implies, this game uses ten pins, a ten pin alley, and a bowling ball.

The Nine-Pin
The nine-pin, also called as Skittles, is most standard version of the sport. This game is often played in pubs and bars. It is a country sport that is very popular in Germany, Austria, Switzerland and some particular regions of the British Isles. Skittles are played in a skittle alley, and use a single set of nine pins. The balls are smaller than that of a ten-pin game, but there are other versions that use a round flat wooden discus called as a ‘cheese’ in place of a ball.

The Five-pin
This 1909 bowling variant is a spin off from the nine-pin to offer a chance for casual bowlers to play bowling in a shorter time. By using smaller balls (the size of a fist) the game progresses very fast. The five-pin game also allows the balls to be thrown in a quick succession. This game variant is especially popular in Canada.

Candlepin bowling
Another spin off of the nine-pin game, though this game is mostly confined to parts of the United States. Candlepin bowling has no real differences between the other types of its genre except that it uses more slender pins and during turns, the fallen pins aren’t cleared away.

Bowls and Petanque
Bowls, also known as Lawn Bowling or Bocce, is an example of target bowling. It is a precision sport where the objective is to roll the ball (called ‘bowls’) as close to the ‘target’ white ball (called ‘jack’). Bowls is the most widespread of the bowling target games and is popular in the UK and most parts of Europe.

Petanque is a form of bowls that is very popular in France, particularly in Provence. It is also the mostly played sport in Marseilles. Though not much different from bowls, the only difference would be that Petanque is played with a shortened pitch, and the moving delivery of bowls was changed to a stationary one of Petanque.

Because of the minimal physical activity and the unhurried pace of bowling games, bowling has become a popular participant sport especially for the elderly. But the seemingly unhurried pace of bowling games did still attract scores of young players. In fact, younger crowd dominates professional competition for this sport.

Different Types of bowling Pins

In the sports of bowling, the pins are the target of the bowling balls in various bowling games including tenpins, five pins (played in Canada), duck pins, and candlepins. The pin requirements for standard tenpins are set by the American Bowling Congress (PBA). The bowling pins should be 4.75 inches wide at their wide point and 15 inches tall. The weight should be 3 pounds and 6 ounces. The shape of the bowling pins makes them fall, if tilted even as little as 10°.

Duckpins are shorter and squatter than duckpins. Canadians fivepins between the size of tenpins and duckpins but have a thick, 1- inch- wide rubber band around the widest part of the pin to increase pin action when struck. Candlepins are different to the others. These pins are the tallest of all at 15 ¾ inches, but only a little over 2.9 inches wide, and weigh 2 lb 8 oz. They almost look like a candle, nearly cylindrical in shape. Not like other bowling pins, candlepins maybe set on either side.

Bowling pins are created by gluing blocks of hard rock maple wood into the vague shape, and then forming them on a lathe. After the lathe shapes the pins, they are coated with a plastic material, painted and finally covered with a glossy finish. Due to shortage of the suitable wood, efforts to make an all-plastic bowling pins have been undertaken for many years.

These are the different types of bowling pins there is:
Winsom pins are made in Asia.
Brunswick “Max” is the current pin with the trademarked crown logo.
AMF Sumo pin is a novelty pin based on the very popular Sumo bowling ball.
A rare AMF pin, violated Brunswick’s crown logo trademark, and was discontinued.
Brunswick “Flyer” is one of Brunswick’s first injection molded pins. Injection molding made the coating thicker than the original dipping process.

Brunswick mixer was the last in the series of plastic dipped for Brunswick.
Vulcan Vultex II. Vulcan was a competitor to both AMF and Brunswick, which eventually bought by Brunswick. It is a surlyn coated injection molded pin.
Brunswick “B” Maxis an early version of Brunswick “Max” pin.
The Brunswick Killer “B”
Brunswick PBA gold pin is a 33lb 10 oz pin and is heavier than the normal pin; these pins can only be used in PBA tournament play.
Brunswick WWF “The rock pin”, and Candle pin.

The different types of bowling pins mentioned above are the ones existing or being displayed in PBA.

Bowling Tips

here’s no bigger disappointment than losing in a game you always prided yourself. I know, I often find myself in that situation so that feeling is no stranger for me. And the only solution to that disappointment? Get better.

Bowling is a relatively easy game to acquaint but mighty hard to master. I’ve seen scores of players who got into the game earlier than me but never got far. At some point they always fail.

Play bowling. That’s the only surest way to get a general feel of the game. After a couple of games, you’ll find out your strengths and weaknesses, like your throwing ability and your form. Watch how good players play, particularly in delivery and approach. Subtle wrist movements may miss your eye but if you are especially observant, you will understand the effects those simple flickers will have on the ball.

Bowling Tips: Play, play, play. Practice makes perfect. If you are a novice bowler, concentrate on accuracy first by throwing ‘straight’. After you achieve a respectable accuracy, try a simple hook.

It is a sound decision to get a custom fit ball at this time. Having a personal ball means you can have it drilled to fit perfectly in your hand. If a ball if comfortable enough and provides enough hold, it is possible to deliver a consistent well timed throw. Remember, choose a ball that will compensate your faults and compliment your style. A too heavy ball may add extra power to your throws, but if you have weaker arm strength the ball will severely hamper your throws. Also, if you have a weaker hook, choosing a reactive core might help you get that hook you need. Balls also perform better at varying conditions, like how plastic would match perfectly in a dry lane.

Bowling Tips:Choose plastic for your first bowling ball. This is the standard bowling ball and the most manageable. It is also a great practice for your throwing accuracy since this ball won’t do any fancy tricks like doing a curve.

Shoes might not be as important as the balls but they still define your performance, especially at delivery. Bowling shoes afford a slide, and you need to slide with a foot depending if you are left handed or right. There are others who bowl with tennis shoes or sneakers, but playing with these would totally ruin any chance of proper form learning. Besides, vast majority of bowling centers require bowling shoes. Aside from the savings you get, you don’t have to wear those nasty colored and smelly rental shoes.

Bowling Tips: Get a shoe. If possible, get a Performance shoe. Learning the forms early will also benefit your delivering a consistent throw.

Storm Bowling Balls Feature Performance Enhancers

In choosing the right bowling ball, you should see to it that it has the right weight and should feel comfortable in your hand.To know the perfect grip is also important. To check for the proper grip, the thumb of your throwing hand should fit into the hole provided for your thumb and rotate with a little friction, and your middle two fingers should be stretched over the two other holes.

Storm bowling balls are one of the popular bowling ball brands in all of the online bowling shops. They have the coolest designs and colors to choose from. They are attractive and give your game more color. Any bowling-related websites that sell bowling supplies have storm bowling balls available. The price ranges a little over $ 40 to less than $ 170. The prices depend on the designs of the ball. Each of the Storm bowling balls is named according to the design. Every design has its corresponding unique name.

There are more than 50 different storm bowling balls that you can pick and choose from. The storm bowling balls are categorized as: high-performance balls, kids balls, mid-priced balls, plastic balls, and sports balls.

The high-performance balls have special features and benefits which help enhance the performance of the bowler. The best example is the new paradigm passion; they added peppermint fragrance because it has proven to enhance the mental concentration of a bowler. Undeniably, bowling requires both concentration and coordination.

Kids’ balls, on the other hand, are just the same with sports balls. Their designs are based on other sport balls, like soccer or basketball balls. Mid- priced balls are bowling balls that are reasonably priced without affecting the quality. Plastic bowling balls are made from polyester. Some of the plastic balls’ designs are like that of the sports balls. If you do not like your bowling balls to be made from plastic, make sure to make some inquiries before making any purchases.

Storm bowling balls can be a perfect gift for that special someone who bowls. Any recipient will surely love it. The color, unique design and the added features guarantee that. Storm bowling balls are the number one most reviewed bowling balls on the net.

If you decide to purchase balls online, make sure that you provide all the necessary information to stay away from the hassle of return or exchange.

The Proper Way of Choosing a Bowling Ball

The sport of bowling, I used to think that it is an easy game. You just have to aim and then throw the ball towards the pins. It looks very easy to me but when I tried it myself, I fell like being dragged by the ball. It was heavy plus it was not that easy to let go of the ball, if you don not know exactly how to do it. Really, I almost stumbled and rolled with the ball on the floor if it were not for my friend who was just in time to grab my arms before I could make a laughing stock out of myself. It could have been a very embarrassing moment. After the incident, I took time to study the game before I tried another shot.

Bowling is a sport that anyone can do at an early age and enjoy for a lifetime. This is a sport in which a player, called a bowler attempts to knock down as many pins as possible by rolling a ball along the lane. The lane is bordered by gutters on both sides that serve to collect balls that could not go through the pins or simply called gutter balls.

Two things that a bowler needs are bowling shoes and a bowling ball. The bowling ball is heavy and has holes in it. The three holes are for the bowler’s thumb and two other fingers. Choosing the right bowling balls is the first step to successful bowling. This sport is based on timing and coordination, a bowler must select and use a ball that is easy to handle. This bowling ball is made with a weight block, a low density inner core and a polyurethane outer shell. This weight block is added to make up the loss when the holes are made.

The ball should not be heavy or light, and should be comfortable and natural on the bowler’s hand. The ideal weight of the bowling ball is about 1/10 of your weight. Let us say you weigh 150 pounds, you will need a 15 pound-bowling ball. The thumb of your throwing hand (can be right or left), should fit into the hole provided for the thumb and rotate with only slight friction. To measure a proper grip, the bowler’s two middle fingers should then be stretched over the finger holes and not into the holes. When picking up the ball from the rack, place your hands on the sides of the ball, not in between the other bowling balls. This will keep your fingers from getting smashed by the heavy bowling balls. And always carry the ball with your both hands.

Bowling is truly a sport that anyone of any age can enjoy for as long as you can carry the weight of the ball. We have studied how to choose the right ball for you, so go ahead pick the right ball for you and enjoy bowling. Had I known all about these before, I could have enjoyed bowling more.

Helpful Bowling Tips for First-timers

Have you ever tried the sport of bowling? If you have not tried playing it then think again. This sport is fun and does not require a lot of sweating just to win the game. Consider participating with friends for a start. You can never be too old or too late to experience the fun with which the game can give you. Yes, bowling is the sport of individual accomplishment and competitiveness, used by some for recreation, socializing, exercise and a method of stress relief. Bowling used to be associated with gambling.

If you are just starting to learn about this sport, here are some helpful bowling tips you can study to improve your way of playing. It is important that we have the know-how about the sport. Proficiency and continuous playing can make you excel on bowling. You also have to remember that in every sport losing is inevitable, so prepare yourself from this circumstance. These bowling tips will only become useful if you continuously apply these tips in every game you participate in.

First of all, you should choose the right weight of the bowling ball for you. The weight should be 1/10 of your total weight. For example, if you weigh 110 pounds, your bowling ball should weigh 11 pounds.

Second is the proper fitting of the ball. The thumb of your throwing thumb should fit perfectly into the hole and can rotate with only a slight friction, and lay your middle two fingers over the other holes. Your second joint should be a quarter of an inch near the edge of the holes. Since proper grip is essential, make it a point to check your grip to get used to the feeling of the bowling ball in your grip. The third tip is use wrist support. If you are just a first timer, you will find the ball heavy.

Wrist support can be very helpful if you do not have the strength to hold the ball in the proper position through the swing. The fourth tip is to look at your approach. These 3 approaches are: the five step approach, the three step approach, and one or two approach. The fifth tip: do not over swing the ball. Just let the ball swing naturally and let roll. Sixth tip: arch the ball above the waist. To make sure you maintain relaxed ball placement, you should hold the ball a little above the waistline while placing it into the slight upward sweep. Seventh tip: use back or knee support. Eighth tip: use open hand/ spread forefinger and/or pinkie finger. By adopting this compromise you will strengthen your grip and release. Ninth tip: exercise.

A few stretching can loosen the joints, muscles, and the stretching of tendons and ligaments. Tenth tip: targeting. Looking closer could help with making the ball react sooner just like looking farther down the lane can aid in controlling the hook on the back end of the lane. The last tip of the bowling tips: lane adjustments: adjusting to lane conditions is important to all bowlers. If your ball hooks left, then move to the left. If it hooks to the right, then move to your right.

I hope that these bowling tips can be of help to you in arousing your interest in playing the sport of bowling. Always remember that practice makes perfect. You may memorize these bowling tips word for word but not putting them into practice, you will never learn.