Friday, November 2, 2007

AMF Bowling Center in the US

Are you up for a game of bowling but don’t have any inkling where lies the nearest AMF bowling centers nearby? Or are you in a situation wherein you’re given the responsibility of setting up a group event only you don’t know where to start. Now isn’t the time to fret. Be it a simple recreational activity or have a huge party at the lanes, AMF has evolved to meet the queer demands of the populace.

Ah, I sound like an ad, but it’s true. The AMF Bowling Centers in the US has really evolved, from a standard beat down bowling alley to a recreation network filled with possibilities. Bowling parties, group or corporate events, the AMF bowling centers had the packages to meet this demand. I personally think it is a cool idea. Let’s face it: Pool parties, beach parties, house parties and backyard barbeque, it’s a ‘been there, done that’ formula. AMF offers a different setting in the same old fun. Xtreme bowling? Ha! Check this wild new innovation with a couple of friends and see where it will take you from there. As they said it, it’s way cool!

So you are the more than average player looking for a worthy challenge? Or would you rather invest in your skills until you are ready to face some serious competition? Head up to a local AMF bowling center near your vicinity and you will find groups of people who like you would wish to test their mettle against yours. Bowl them into the gutter or bowl yourself out of a gutter, the challenges you will find in the AMF bowling leagues could get you occupied for weeks.

You will meet interesting players while sprucing up your game. Especially if you sign up in an AMF bowling club since you are group together by something you have in common, a passion in books or movie or even fishing.

AMF Bowling Center, Inc has gone a long way since its release of the automatic pinsetter in 1946. And since then, AMF has become a leader in the bowling industry. With AMF bowling centers scattered worldwide, it is impossible to miss AMF for your bowling needs. And oh, if you are living in the US, here’s a link to listings of AMF centers all over the states.