Monday, October 29, 2007

Different Types of bowling Pins

In the sports of bowling, the pins are the target of the bowling balls in various bowling games including tenpins, five pins (played in Canada), duck pins, and candlepins. The pin requirements for standard tenpins are set by the American Bowling Congress (PBA). The bowling pins should be 4.75 inches wide at their wide point and 15 inches tall. The weight should be 3 pounds and 6 ounces. The shape of the bowling pins makes them fall, if tilted even as little as 10°.

Duckpins are shorter and squatter than duckpins. Canadians fivepins between the size of tenpins and duckpins but have a thick, 1- inch- wide rubber band around the widest part of the pin to increase pin action when struck. Candlepins are different to the others. These pins are the tallest of all at 15 ¾ inches, but only a little over 2.9 inches wide, and weigh 2 lb 8 oz. They almost look like a candle, nearly cylindrical in shape. Not like other bowling pins, candlepins maybe set on either side.

Bowling pins are created by gluing blocks of hard rock maple wood into the vague shape, and then forming them on a lathe. After the lathe shapes the pins, they are coated with a plastic material, painted and finally covered with a glossy finish. Due to shortage of the suitable wood, efforts to make an all-plastic bowling pins have been undertaken for many years.

These are the different types of bowling pins there is:
Winsom pins are made in Asia.
Brunswick “Max” is the current pin with the trademarked crown logo.
AMF Sumo pin is a novelty pin based on the very popular Sumo bowling ball.
A rare AMF pin, violated Brunswick’s crown logo trademark, and was discontinued.
Brunswick “Flyer” is one of Brunswick’s first injection molded pins. Injection molding made the coating thicker than the original dipping process.

Brunswick mixer was the last in the series of plastic dipped for Brunswick.
Vulcan Vultex II. Vulcan was a competitor to both AMF and Brunswick, which eventually bought by Brunswick. It is a surlyn coated injection molded pin.
Brunswick “B” Maxis an early version of Brunswick “Max” pin.
The Brunswick Killer “B”
Brunswick PBA gold pin is a 33lb 10 oz pin and is heavier than the normal pin; these pins can only be used in PBA tournament play.
Brunswick WWF “The rock pin”, and Candle pin.

The different types of bowling pins mentioned above are the ones existing or being displayed in PBA.