Monday, October 29, 2007

The Proper Way of Choosing a Bowling Ball

The sport of bowling, I used to think that it is an easy game. You just have to aim and then throw the ball towards the pins. It looks very easy to me but when I tried it myself, I fell like being dragged by the ball. It was heavy plus it was not that easy to let go of the ball, if you don not know exactly how to do it. Really, I almost stumbled and rolled with the ball on the floor if it were not for my friend who was just in time to grab my arms before I could make a laughing stock out of myself. It could have been a very embarrassing moment. After the incident, I took time to study the game before I tried another shot.

Bowling is a sport that anyone can do at an early age and enjoy for a lifetime. This is a sport in which a player, called a bowler attempts to knock down as many pins as possible by rolling a ball along the lane. The lane is bordered by gutters on both sides that serve to collect balls that could not go through the pins or simply called gutter balls.

Two things that a bowler needs are bowling shoes and a bowling ball. The bowling ball is heavy and has holes in it. The three holes are for the bowler’s thumb and two other fingers. Choosing the right bowling balls is the first step to successful bowling. This sport is based on timing and coordination, a bowler must select and use a ball that is easy to handle. This bowling ball is made with a weight block, a low density inner core and a polyurethane outer shell. This weight block is added to make up the loss when the holes are made.

The ball should not be heavy or light, and should be comfortable and natural on the bowler’s hand. The ideal weight of the bowling ball is about 1/10 of your weight. Let us say you weigh 150 pounds, you will need a 15 pound-bowling ball. The thumb of your throwing hand (can be right or left), should fit into the hole provided for the thumb and rotate with only slight friction. To measure a proper grip, the bowler’s two middle fingers should then be stretched over the finger holes and not into the holes. When picking up the ball from the rack, place your hands on the sides of the ball, not in between the other bowling balls. This will keep your fingers from getting smashed by the heavy bowling balls. And always carry the ball with your both hands.

Bowling is truly a sport that anyone of any age can enjoy for as long as you can carry the weight of the ball. We have studied how to choose the right ball for you, so go ahead pick the right ball for you and enjoy bowling. Had I known all about these before, I could have enjoyed bowling more.