Sunday, December 2, 2007

A Dummy Tips for Bowling

I never get tired of giving tips. Maybe because I always see groups of newbie fumbling over the next lane, too insufferable that watching them utterly breaks my concentration. I’m no expert myself, having played a couple of games for some time. But watching those poor oafs gave me enough motivation to share some secrets other seasoned players loathe to share. At least, any newbie who may read this page might gain enough information not to look ridiculous during a game. And who knows, he might be playing next to my lane.

Tips for bowling – Grips
Let’s start with grips. Bowling balls have a standard 3 holes. One hole is slightly apart from the other two which are spaced nearer. The two holes are for your ring and middle finger and the single hole for your thumb. So grip your ball (it helps while you read this you have a bowling ball in hand), the thumb goes all the way through the hole and the fingers goes until the second knuckle (finger knuckle). The rest of the fingers extend comfortably over the ball surface. Look at how you hold the ball. Does it resemble the way other bowlers on the center grip the ball?

Tips for bowling – Form

Forms define approach and release. Bad forms results in bad delivery and awkward releases. Ok, start with the proper gripping. Choose your starting distance. Refer to the double rows of dots some distance from the foul line. Use this to measure your approach; ultimately you want your final step to end within a foot from the foul line to optimize your throws. Now stand up straight. Wherever your grip is, the other hand is used to support the ball. If you’re going straight, put your support at the top of the ball. If you’re going for a hook, have your support at the side slightly tilting the ball.

For more reference on how to make a hook bowling ball, look for my article entitled ‘How to Perform a Hook Bowling Ball’. The proper starting form would be: stand straight, feet together pointing forward, knees bent very slightly, bowling arm elbow kept close to the hip and the wrist gripping the ball firm and in a ready delivery. If you are ready, begin your approach. It really helps if you have kept a close eye on how other players start their approach. Don’t rush it; take your time to adjust your timing. Keep in mind, approach and release.

Tips for bowling – Swing
The trickiest part is the swing; also the defining factor between noobs and skilled bowlers. As you start the approach, try to mentally set a four step approach. That way, you can anticipate where you will end. As you begin the steps, swing your gripping arm backwards slowly. Do the backward swing in the junction of your three steps. On the fourth step, begin your release.

The fourth step is done effectively with a slide, leg bent low and your other leg left behind stretched from the last step. As you complete the sliding fourth step, swing your gripping arm towards your target, stooping slightly to release and roll the ball. I cannot stress this enough: always observe the other players do the forms, you will gain enough information on how to execute yours.

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