Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Free Bowling Games for the PC Online

As an avid pc gamer myself, I could never understand why there are so many video games for active sports like basketball or soccer. Bowling for instance; this is a sport where the art lies in the subtlety of wrist and body movements to perform exceptional tricks like a hook or a skid hook. No pc game can emulate such aspects perfectly into a game.

But in fairness of these games, bowling Sims is still the kind of game meant to be enjoyed, and not to be faulted by the design or the lack thereof. The thrill, the excitement of winning and the disappointment of losing are still there, depending on how you attach yourself to the game.

Here are several free bowling games for the PC that are available online:

Title: Ten Pin Championship Bowling

Developer: Skyworks

Play at:

This is an average free bowling game online, no frills and no quills. It's totally free and since it is a Flash player, the game requires some plug-in to work. No problems on that, Macromedia Flash Plug-ins are also a free download. The game comes with a game play instruction not that without such would cause problems since it really is a simplistic game.

Title: Bowling Master


Play at:

FreeOnlineGames is an author of several free bowling games. Bowling Master, like Ten Pin Championship Bowling suffers from the same condition -the game is pretty bland. After a couple of hours of playing (or minutes for that matter), the novelty wears off and you just simply quit the game because it has become repetitive. But the game itself is nice for coffee breaks; the arcade-feel action will help you regain your nerves after long stressful hours of work.

Title: World Class Bowling

Developer: Atari

Where to get:
As the name implies, WCB is a serious attempt to a bowling sim. It has a realistic game play and has even practice mode for starters. Unfortunately, only the demo is free. The full game is sold at $9, a fair price since the game is quite old. Check out the comments of previous buyers to know how the game really stands. Remember, this game came out in mid 2004; the overall quality might be a little behind with today's standards.