Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Brunswick Bowling

It seems that if you outline the rise of bowling as a worldwide sport sensation, you would also see the name Brunswick at the sidelines. There are two phenomenal names in bowling, Brunswick Bowling and AMF Bowling.

Before AMF became even popular, Brunswick was founded in 1845 as a maker of billiard and bowling equipment. Even with this humble purpose, the move enabled bowling to move to its next phase of evolution. Founder John Moses Brunswick had built a company dedicated to bring largely aristocratic games like bowling and billiards to the common people.

The effect was that enthusiasm of the sport grew with the public. When Moses Bensinger, John Moses Brunswick's son-in-law, standardized the game and organized the American Bowling Congress, bowling move into the final step of becoming a fully developed professional game.

Now Brunswick Bowling is perhaps the biggest name in the bowling industry. But Brunswick Bowling is only a part of Brunswick Corporation. The Brunswick Corporation has become the leading manufacturer and marketer of high-quality products of recreational activities and sports. And Brunswick had also expanded its product categories - yachts, marine engines, pleasure boats, fitness equipment, and navigation systems.

But Brunswick Corporation has never abandoned its bowling roots. Still Brunswick Bowling has continued to thrive today at any Brunswick Recreation Centers. These centers are scattered all over the states so be sure to check out your nearest Brunswick recreation Centers near your vicinity. There are even colorful and wild innovations of bowling that would surely appeal to younger bowlers. Cosmic Bowling for instance feature dancing lights, fog machines, glowing bowling lanes and funky colored balls, a futuristic, out of this world sensation that will surely wow young fans of the game.

Try out also the Brunswick Interactive Game. It is a new center wide competition that bowlers on different lanes compete against each other for a chance to win prizes. Games such as Championship Racing, Speed Strike and Walking Pin could really have you entertained and challenged for hours.

But for those casual players wanting to play a regular game, open lanes are still available in Brunswick Bowling. Brunswick Centers are family friendly entertainment destinations. More like an activity park, they offers hours of fun by bowling, billiards, or the latest arcade games or bumper cars.